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Range Bar System Review

Range Bar System Review

Found the range bar one.It’s free, doesn’t expire, not a trial, not for sale and it works well.Place in your scripts folder.Open an M1 of the target pair. Drag and drop the script onto the M1 chart. In the variables tab, tell it how many pips for the range you desire. If you are using a 5 digit broker (pretty much all brokers these days) I found it works best setting the 5 digit broker scaling to false (instead of true) and just multiplying the pip range by 10. So for an 8 pip range bar, use 80 with the scaling setting to false. You might not have to do this, but for whatever reason my MT4 kinda stalls out using this script the regular way.

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Then set what period it will generate the chart for. M2 by default. Leaving this is fine, it won’t really be a M2 chart, it’s just saved as an offline chart marked M2 so as not to conflict with the regular timeframes MT4 uses.)Once you click ok, the script goes to work building the chart. It should show ‘started’ in the upper left of your chart window. Keep this M1 window with the script ‘started’ message open and running, or else the offline chart (your new range chart) will no longer update as you use it.

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You can now open the offline chart by going to file > Open Offline. Select the M2 (or whichever period you set) of the target pair. I have no idea where I found this in the past, but when I pulled the hard coded copyright from the binary itself, it reads as MetaQuotes so.. *shrugs*.. it’s pretty much fair game to share it here.